Entrepreneur, Author & Speaker

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A high school dropout at 15, living on the streets by 16, turned serial entrepreneur.

Jimmy is living proof that it can happen for anyone. Don’t miss the story of Jimmy's incredible journey through the discovery of personal development which has enabled him to build numerous businesses and give back to his roots by running charity projects in aid of the homeless and vulnerable groups.


Alongside this he has recently began “Mentors For Minors” which is in aid of children from impoverished backgrounds, providing advice and guidance to those who may have none.


Jimmy has a burning desire to ‘equip a generation through financial education’ and help others achieve their own version of success. His belief mindset and story has inspired and helped transform many lives, teaching those self-empowerments derived from what he terms as ‘scraping the butter lid for many years'.

Jimmy invites you to join him, to live out your potential and take charge and accountability of your life.


Jimmy has also partnered with ATLAS and TV Host, author and considered one of the worlds most well renowned speakers, Les Brown, to bring financial freedom through a brand-new start up project.