Author & Speaker.

Jimmy Bennett,
British Entrepreneur

Homeless high school dropout turned multi-millionaire. From living on the streets of the United Kingdom, battling chronic autoimmune disease to becoming a serial entrepreneur, Jimmy is living proof it can happen for anyone.


A remarkable story of overcoming insurmountable odds to achieve massive financial success, his story has been a source of inspiration for many.

"Never beg for a seat when you can build your own table"

"Life is for living.
Don't let anyone tell you otherwise."

Jimmy compelled by his own lack of foundation and support has a mission to equip a generation through financial education. Jimmy runs multiple companies worldwide and invests in many causes supporting vulnerable groups.


Jimmy now travels the world sharing his story of hope and has helped thousands achieve their own version of success. He has hosted the likes of world-renowned speaker Les Brown to most recently “The Wolf of Wall Street” Jordan Belfort.
You can follow Jimmy’s story on social media - @jimmybennett

"Hustle until people talk about how they once met you"


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