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Come and work with our friendly team in Chichester, West Sussex. We have a range of positions and flexible hours to suit each of your individual needs! Our trial week is a paid opportunity for you to show us your skillset, what you can bring to our company and if you enjoy our office atmosphere! 

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We provide a trial week to each and every person that wants to work for us to ensure that you can see what your role would involve, meet the team you'd be working with and to also show us what you can bring to our company.

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What Is a Trial Week?

Media Trial Week

The trial week in media offers a diverse learning experience, including content creation for social media, logo design for new brands, brainstorming content and marketing ideas, participating in meetings, and completing a final task. These responsibilities cover various aspects of media, from creative content production to strategic thinking and project collaboration. During this week, you will be working with our talented media team who will be providing guidance.

Admin Trial Week

During the trial week in an administrative role, you will learn various tasks such as shadowing, working with statistics, managing emails, providing customer service, handling phone calls, tracking payments, retaining customers, and onboarding new customers. You will also gain a deeper understanding of the company, its culture, mission, and administrative functions. This comprehensive approach ensures you gain valuable experience and understand how your responsibilities contribute to our company's overall success.

Sales Trial Week

The trial week in sales offers a comprehensive learning experience, including shadowing, listening to calls, practising calls, understanding back-office systems, participating in sales meetings, and gaining company knowledge. This structured approach provides insights into the sales process, company culture, and values, enabling a well-rounded understanding of our company's operations and strategies. 

Personal Assistant Trial Week

The trial week for a personal assistant involves shadowing, assisting with tasks, participating in meetings, and learning about the company's culture, values, and expectations. This comprehensive approach ensures that you can become a valuable member of the team, as you learn from experienced professionals and gains insights into our company's operations and culture.

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